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We encourage and guide clients in reaching a set goal.


The final step before a document goes into production or is published. In this phase, the document is being reviewed for misspelled words, punctuation, grammar, omitted words, redundancies, spacing issues, etc., etc.


Correcting, condensing, revising written documents (materials) for publication. Examples include copyediting, line editing, developmental editing and proofreading.

Ghostwriting (Substantive Editing)

In-depth editing where rewriting, restructuring, reorganizing and rephrasing of a document (content) is necessary. This phase of editing is the most time-consuming and is more costly because it calls for more work to ensure that the content is captured properly, flows correctly and is understandable by the intended audience. Also, this service is requested when someone wants their document written for them (e.g., writing a book for someone who does not have the time to do it themselves).

Providing a quality product that is pleasing to our clients is one of our top priorities.

Our Mission

To provide quality proofreading and editing services, within a timely manner; exceeding our clients’ expectations. 

To provide superior customer service to our clients.