About Proofreiding, Inc.

Based in Maryland, Proofreiding, Inc is a unique, customer-focused proofreading and editing boutique, committed to saving small businesses, consultants and authors time and money by preventing costly errors in their documents (content). We are experts in discovering the most overlooked errors that cost companies time and revenue. Our detail-oriented professionals customize proofreading services that make you look smarter and more profitable.

Sally made her selection, approached the check out counter an realized she forgot her wallet

Would you like to look like this to clients? This is what not having a good proofreader looks like. Errors like these can cause you to lose money and your reputation. Proofreiding, Inc will prevent mistakes like these from happening.

The correct sentence is: Sally made her selection, approached the checkout counter and realized she forgot her wallet.

According to an article by pen+pixels, “Terrible Typos: 10 Billion Severed and Other Reasons to Proofread Your Work,” typos and other “small mistakes have cost companies millions in lost business, legal damages and tarnished reputations.” The article also states, “Studies have shown that errors can affect how others view your conscientiousness, intelligence, and trustworthiness.” With that being said, it’s worth having a nitpicky proofreader to avoid simple mistakes. It’s even more important to keep your brand and credibility intact.

Proofreiding, Inc takes pride in catching costly errors. Looking smarter is the proof of our business. Let us do the work for you!

The proof is in the details. The proof is in results.


Our top priority is providing error-free documents.

Our editing abilities enhance ways to express your thoughts with confidence without changing your content. Our services ensure accurate content, meticulous reviews of manuscripts, newsletters, website content, marketing materials, plus much more.








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