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Andrea L. Reid

An Editor's Journey-Interview with Andrea L. Reid

When To Use The Right Word

Is it effect or affect? Should it be then or than? Accept or except? There are times when we inadvertently use words incorrectly in sentences. I used to see this often while working for a company where I was responsible for reviewing and proofreading marketing campaigns. The word...

Is It Possible To Write A Book In 30 Days?

I’ve been editing books for several years now and I’ve had an array of clients who’ve told me it took anywhere from four to twenty years to write a book. However, in editing a more recent book, my client, Dr. Pam Love Manning, informed me that she completed her book in 30 days! Yes, you heard...

Why Is It Important To Have An Editor?

With so many editing tools out there, why is there a need for editors? Nowadays, writers can depend on their computers, some with editing tools already built in, for spelling and grammar checks. There are other tools available to us as well such as...


Tips For A New Author From An Editor’s Perspective

For most new authors, it’s not easy releasing a book to an editor to proofread or edit. For some, writing their first masterpiece is very near and dear to their hearts. It’s like giving up a baby as some view this experience as “birthing” their first book.